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Welcome to the long-awaited website for British Cinema Revival Pictures. Here you can keep up to date on all the news regarding all the information we have to offer on our films ("Heartless", "dogEATdog", "Finding Chi-How", "Enter The Mandem"), television-like productions ("Brothers", "The Sixth Dimension", "Calcutter & Hoggs") and other projects such as our music (Plank), animations ("Z, Pronounced Zee"), sketches (The Comedy Crue) music videos ("Never Gonna Give You Up", "Step Into Christmas", "The Power Of Love"), and the list just goes on. All of our videos are up on the site too, so you don't have to go to YouTube to watch our projects but the option is there for whatever you prefer.

Concepts & Ideas
We're constantly coming up with new ideas for existing projects or new projects entirely and we would love to share initial concepts with all of you so you can either suggest ideas for the project or suggest some of your own ideas and we'll help any way we can in getting it made, not all of them - but the ones that we feel will work - and you can do that by accessing the 'Contact Us' tab above.

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